The project’s target group is the area’s technology industry companies and the wood and
construction product industry, as well as the SMEs that provide services for them in PohjoisSavo and Pieksämäki area. The main goal of the project is to promote the growth, renewal and
innovation capabilities of SMEs in the project area.

The development companies belonging to the implementing group and Savonia UAS have
worked closely together to support the development of companies in the regions, and several
needs have emerged for increasing the capabilities of SMEs. These goals include e.g.
expanding product-oriented operating models into service entities, as well as knowledge-based
management methods and analytics as an aid to productivity development. General measures
to support growth and renewal are also seen as necessary, especially in micro and small
businesses, at the same time, however, when the operating environment is changing strongly.
As a result of the project, the internationalization of SMEs progresses, the competitiveness
of the business field improves and SMEs are better prepared for the changes caused by the
technological and operational environment, especially in relation to digitalization and sustainable
development. As a result of the overall development of the companies’ business, in the long
term, the turnover and export income of the technology industry companies in the region will
increase and the companies will be able to employ new employees.

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